Welcome to our #EVConferenceAsia 2024

Welcome to our
#EVConferenceAsia 2024

Welcome to the Automotive Charging and Battery ASEAN Technical Conferences 2024

Electromobility in ASEAN is experiencing significant growth, with each country in the region prioritizing different strategies to promote electric mobility.
The Asia-Pacific region as a whole is expected to undergo substantial development in the coming years. For instance, Indonesia is dedicated to standardizing charging processes, while Korea is heavily investing in vehicle-to-grid technology.

Join us at the 3rd Technical Conference on Automotive Charging and Battery ASEAN, taking place on September 9-10, 2024 in Singapore at Siemens.

This conference will delve into cutting-edge battery technologies, charging infrastructure, vehicle-to-grid and bidirectional charging in ASEAN, as well as charging software and safe transportation of EV batteries. Esteemed experts such as Harald Schmid, CEO of Daimler-Truck, Dr. Thai-Lai Pham, CEO of Siemens, Dr. Rick Hilchner, Managing Director of Bosch Thailand, and many more will provide invaluable insights into the latest charging and battery technologies. Take advantage of excellent networking opportunities, a guided tour of the DHL lab to learn about safe battery transportation, and an engaging panel discussion on future investment prospects.
We eagerly anticipate your participation!

Automotive Charging and Battery ASEAN in Singapore

Automotive Charging and Battery ASEAN in Bangkok

The Singapore conference welcomes leading experts, researchers, professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world to participate in the two-day tech conference focused on automotive battery and charging infrastructure. All interested individuals are encouraged to join this inclusive event to exchange knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Vehicle to Grid & Bidirectional Charging ASEAN: Learn about the latest developments in Vehicle-to-Grid and Bidirectional Charging in ASEAN.
  • Regulatory Rules: Understand the regulatory rules shaping the automotive charging and battery sector.
  • New Roaming Solutions and Efficient Charging Payment Methods: Explore new roaming solutions and efficient charging payment methods being implemented.
  • Charging Infrastructure: Delve into the advancements in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.
  • Production of EVs: Get insights into production processes of EVs and the latest innovations in manufacturing.
  • E-Mobility in ASEAN: Discover the current landscape of E-Mobility in ASEAN and its impact on the automotive industry.

This event promises to be engaging, informative, and a great opportunity for networking. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiast, don't miss this exciting conference!

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The Bangkok conference was a prestigious event reserved for invited guests only.

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