#EVConferenceAsia 2023

#EVConferenceAsia 2023

Welcome to the Automotive Charging and Battery ASEAN Technical Conference

Electromobility in ASEAN is experiencing significant growth, with each country in the region prioritizing different strategies to promote electric mobility.
The Asia-Pacific region as a whole is expected to undergo substantial development in the coming years. For instance, Indonesia is dedicated to standardizing charging processes, while Korea is heavily investing in vehicle-to-grid technology.

The 2nd Technical Conference Automotive Charging & Battery ASEAN was a resounding success, featuring captivating battery presentations and engaging discussions on EV charging and roaming. Participants from Singapore and neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Europe were highly impressed with the quality of the presentations, the expertise of the speakers, and the excellent networking opportunities. It was unanimously agreed that the electric vehicle market is poised for tremendous growth, particularly in countries like Thailand and Indonesia, presenting significant expansion opportunities.

Looking ahead, we are excited for the future expansion of our conference in the ASEAN region. Stay tuned for updates on new dates as as we prepare for the third edition in 2024. We are committed to bringing you an exceptional program that will inspire, educate, and connect professionals from various industries. Follow our LinkedIn page, subscribe to our newsletter, and visit our website regularly for the latest news and announcements.

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